The type of lighting common to most households is incandescent. However, you may not have considered having LED lighting for your home, instead of incandescent lighting. LEDs are becoming more and more popular as the standard lighting solution. You might have LEDs in your alarm clock, or even in your phone or mp3 player. There are many reasons you should consider using LED lights, not just in your appliances, but to illuminate your home. Acron Electrics operates in Hastings, East Sussex, as well as a multitude of locations in the South East. In this blog I will go through these various reasons.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

LEDs offer a ‘truer’ light than most other light sources, such as incandescent. This means that the light will have a much ‘purer’ tone to it. Additionally, it is possible to colour LED lights in any manner you like, in the highest quality. The LEDs are blended together to create an infinite number of colour combinations. LEDs do not create the ‘washed-out’ colours that other, inferior types of light do.

  1. Design customization

Similar to how I mentioned customizing the colour of LEDs in the former reason, there are other opportunities to customize your LEDs to your needs. You can put LED lights in any formation in your home to suite your design requirements. You can individually dim the LED lights, creating a dynamic level of control. You could even use your LED lights as a kind of ‘mood’ lighting. This would allow you to create an atmosphere for any possible event you’re having.

  1. Efficiency

With regards to power efficiency, LEDs give out 135 lumens per watt, as opposed to the normal (incandescent) 16 lumens per watt. This is almost a tenfold difference, showing how much money changing to LED lighting can save you in the long-run on your energy bills. LEDs also last a lot longer than incandescent lights, so you will not need to replace them as often, saving you money. Additionally, LEDs don’t get hot and dangerous as incandescent lights do.

  1. Eco-friendly

Although you may not consider this reason straight away, LEDs are also more environmentally friendly than most forms of lighting. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals that could harm you or the environment, unlike fluorescent lights, which contain mercury, among other harmful chemicals. In addition to this, LED lights are 100% recyclable, and so help to reduce waste and the size of our landfills. Additionally, the previously mentioned fact that LEDs last longer means that less LEDs need to be produced, saving the materials and energy needed to create the bulbs. This helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Durable

As well as lasting longer and using less energy, LEDs are also more durable. They are built with strong quality components, which can handle the harshest of weather. LED lights can handle physical impact, and so are useful for external lighting. If you need to light something in particularly dangerous area, consider using LEDs. They can even handle extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

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