Retail Lighting In Hastings

Do you know why lighting is so important in the battle for high-street supremacy? This blog aims to give you an indication of the effect that light has on customers, and how you can improve your retail lighting in Hastings to bring more customers through the door!

Why Is Retail Lighting Important?

You are probably thinking that choosing retail lighting in Hastings is easy -  all you need is to make your shop brightly lit so people can see, right?

Wrong! There are different types of shop lighting, and the importance of lighting in retail stores cannot be overstated.

According to the Head of Lighting at GPStudio, Mihaly Bartha: "lighting has a direct influence on our mood, lighting highlights architectural elements, product qualities and creates virtual spaces - impacting how we feel, what we think of a product, and ultimately the choice of whether to purchase or not".

In this blog, we'll run through some retail lighting techniques that improve your customers' experience and hopefully encourage them to buy products you want!

What Are The Different Types Of Lighting In Retail Stores?

There are four main types of retail lighting techniques used in stores: Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Decorative Lighting.

Ambient Lighting is the main form of retail lighting design that ensures there is enough light in the store overall for customers to feel comfortable inside. According to EECA Business, the ideal ambient light levels for a mid-range retail store is around 300-500 lux.

Task Lighting is most commonly found in clothing stores, as it used where light is needed to fulfil tasks, such as changing rooms and checkout areas.

Accent lighting is the complement to ambient lighting, used to highlight a certain area of interest in the store to attract customers, such as a product display, architectural feature or special offer.

Decorative lighting is as the name suggests, used to jazz up the aesthetic of the store with decorative fixtures.

Should I Use LED Retail Lighting?

Traditionally, many commercial lighting fixtures have been made up mostly of fluorescent tubes, but recent trends in retail lighting design have seen a shift to more environmentally-friendly LED lighting.

LED retail lighting is brighter, crisper, and hum-free - and will also save you up to £1,000 a YEAR on your energy bills.

Retail Lighting In Hastings

How Much Will A Retail Lighting Installation Cost Me?

Acron Electrics are capable of making your vision a reality and will work with you in the design, installation and aftercare of your retail lighting system.

Whether you are looking for an industrial feel, a modern, clean look or a rustic, warm setting - we will consult with you every step of the way to guarantee you are pleased with the end result.

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