Electrical Services For Letting Agents in Hastings

At Acron Electrics, we understand that for Letting Agents in Hastings there aren't many things worse in this world than unhappy tenants.

Keeping your tenants happy means dealing with any electrical issues that arise and adhering to all electrical regulations.

These issues can include electrical faults, PAT Testing appliances and electrical condition reports (EICRs).

To do this you need to have a reliable, experienced and qualified team of electrical contractors to call upon in your (or your tenants') hour of need to be the heroes.

Are you convinced that your current team are still those heroes?

Below we have listed a couple of reasons why we think it should be us you're shining the bat-signal for from now on.


We get it, there's plenty of electricians in Hastings - what makes us sure you can rely on us?

1. We have eight fully-skilled, directly employed (not subcontracted) electricians. This means that all of our employees work to the standards and values we set for the company as a whole.

2. We offer 24-hour callouts. Any time, any issue, you know that you can call us and get a friendly and efficient electrician on the issue as soon as agreed (see point 3).

3. When you take up a contract with us we will agree guaranteed response times for electrical issues. If these aren't met, the callout will be absolutely FREE! Does your current supplier guarantee an electrician will be with you when you need them?

4. Our electricians are tracked, which means they will always arrive on time.

Qualified and covered.

In this day and age, we also appreciate that it's not just your reputation at stake if electrical issues arise, but also your wallet. Which is why, you'll be pleased to hear, that we are qualified and insured to be carrying out work in your properties.

Part P

Part P is the part of the building regulations that relates to electrical safety of any installations in homes across the UK - but we're sure you already knew that!

Anyway, Acron Electrics are registered with NAPIT meaning that we can self-certify any works we complete to be compliant with Part P Building Regulations.

This means you won't ever have to worry about getting the local authority in to certify the work!

Public Liability Insurance

Here's the good news for the company wallet. Acron Electrics have public liability insurance cover for up to £5million. This means that if by some freak occurrence a person is injured or property damaged as a result of electrical works then all parties involved would be covered.

Professional. Affordable.

No, this isn't an advert for Tresemme. At Acron Electrical we understand that not only do our electricians represent us and our values, they also bear responsibility for upholding your reputation too.

This is why we insist on all the things in the first section, but also why we do so at reasonable rates.

To see a full list of the price benefits a premium plan will grant you, click this link.

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