Commercial Electrical Testing In Hastings

Are you concerned about your Commercial Electrical Testing In Hastings? This blog will break down some of the key questions and information about commercial electrical testing so you can get clued up on what is needed for your business!

What Is Commercial Electrical Testing?

Put simply, if you are a business owner in Hastings, London or the South East (or anywhere in the country, for that matter!) then your electrical installations and wiring must be checked to ensure they are safe and at a standard that prevents danger.

BS7671 is the British Standard for the maintenance of electrical installations laid down by the IET (the Institution of Engineering and Technology) and is part of several laws that govern the safety of electrics in premises across the country.

Why Do I Need Commercial Electrical Testing?

Unfortunately, no matter how good your electrician is or how efficient the products they use are, every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age.

Therefore the inspection and testing is necessary to ensure people using the installations are safe at all times.

What Are The Commercial Electrical Testing Procedures?

As part of regular Commercial Electrical Testing, the standard includes checks for things like:

a) adequacy of earthing and bonding
b) suitability of the switchgear and controlgear
c) serviceability of equipment
d) type of wiring system and its condition
e) provision of residual current devices for socket-outlets that may be used to plug in electrical equipment used outdoors
f) presence of adequate identification and notices
g) extent of any wear and tear, damage or other deterioration
h) changes in use of the premises which have to led to, or might lead to, deficiencies in the installation.


How Frequently Should I Get Commercial Electrical Testing?

The electrical testing regulations mentioned earlier indicate that for commercial properties, routine checks should be completed EVERY YEAR.

Furthermore, a more thorough commercial electrical testing and inspection should be undertaken every 5 years – or every time the occupancy changes.

The reason the tests are broken up this way is that there could be faults or issues with electrical installations that require attention before the 5 year electrical testing comes around.

How Much Will Commercial Electrical Testing Cost Me?

At Acron Electrics we can undertake commercial electrical testing in a range of businesses including restaurants, offices, warehouses, retail outlets and hotels!

This means that each inspection is unique, so to get a quote from us use the button below!

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