Caddy and Cakes - A Sweet Solution for a New Cake Shop

The Brief

The customer had taken on an empty shop but had a clear vision of what she wanted for Caddy and Cakes. The brief was to create an industrial feel for the lighting with squirrel cage lamps and all finishes to be in copper and steel. All the electrics had to be renewed or modified to adhere to the latest legislation. Acron had experience in the effect the customer wanted so were able to advise on the most cost effective way to achieve the effects the customer wanted.

A quote was produced and Acron were awarded the contract.

The Solution

A complete electrical and lighting solution was provided including:

- The design and installation of a fire alarm system and emergency lighting system.

- A wiring plan was produced to incorporate all kitchen appliances, Acron also were able to advise on the most suitable appliances.

- The customer showed Acron pictures from Google which gave the effects she wanted for the shop area. This meant that shop feature lighting was built from scratch. A 24-lamp spider light was incorporated and LED lamps were used to create the right effect. Hanging pendants were used above the serving area and Acron suggested that USB sockets were placed next to the tables so customers could charge their devices.

- To achieve the desired effects Acron had to fabricate a lot of the fittings and applications.

The Result

The project was completed on time and on budget. The customer was delighted that the result exceeded her expectations.