In these modern times, many people are taking on a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to home building/improvement, in order to save those extra pennies. However, some jobs you just cannot do yourself. This is why it’s important to find a qualified electrician. Here at Acron Electrics we're a team of electrical contractors based in Hastings, due to years of experience in the industry we know all the proper safety and code issues.

With the presence of the internet, there is a wider choice of electrical contractors now than ever before. This may seem like a good thing, however, more choice means it may be harder to choose and find a reputable electrician. This blog will help you to do this.

  1. Insurance

Above all, the most important thing is to make sure your electrical contractor is insured. This means that if your home was somehow ruined, due to the electrical work, you’d be fully compensated for it. This is known as “public liability insurance”. Also ensure that your electrician has professional indemnity insurance, and trust mark warranty.

  1. Good Quality Equipment

They tool reflects the worker. If an electricians uses good quality and well tested equipment, you know that they have experience in the field and seriously care about maintaining a good standard for the jobs they take on. Additionally, a good contractor will also use equipment that offers good value for money, meaning they can offer a reasonable price to their customers without sacrificing quality.

  1. Properly Trained Staff

Quality equipment is important, but without properly trained electricians to handle it, it’s pointless. It takes years of training to be a properly trained and qualified electrician. Ensure that they have all the proper evidence of training.

  1. Enough Manpower

Make sure that your electrician has a large enough team to get the job done. Most people want their jobs done yesterday, and without a large team, they will not be able to complete a big job quickly, meaning it will take them longer to get your job done.

  1. Service

Do they provide all the services that you’re looking for? Make sure beforehand that they can handle your entire job. Design, installation, after-care, etc. The design is one of the most important parts of any electrical job, as it forms what is possible in your home. Houses often have wiring that dates back to the 1940s, so frequently more houses are having their entire homes rewired in order to fit their needs.

  1. Attitude

Make sure that your electrician has the correct attitude. They should be proactive, asking you questions and trying to help you, passionate, showing a clear interest in electrics. They should be helping you to help them provide the best service possible. If they are clearly motivated and making an effort in order to provide the best service, you know that you will want to hire them.

If you are considering having electrical work done, such as rewiring, or having wiring installed, consider Acron Electrics to do your job. We offer a prompt and professional service, so feel free to contact us for a quotation.